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Raising the Sire & Dam (Dad & Mom ):
(Cost of dogs, food, and Veterinarian care, Breeder's time not included)
Certifications and Clearances:
Cost of Raising a Litter:
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A Puppy from Shadow Mtn Labradors Priceless

Cost of a Puppy

Our minimum price for a puppy is $1000.00. Generally the price ranges from $1000 - 1500.00. The price may vary depending on the litter, the parents of the litter, color, etc. Working puppies placed in show homes or hunting homes or homes for potential breeding fall at the higher end of the scale. Generally pet placements are at the low end of the price range.

We do make donations of puppies or offer discounts on puppies for helping hand dogs, working dogs for hearing impaired, assistance dogs or visual impairments dogs. We do currently have dogs out there providing assistance to their owners. We have been contacted to provide puppies and/or stud service for potential bomb sniffing dogs.

We spend a significant amount of time with our puppies and with each litter. We generally take off 2 weeks from work or hire a trained puppy sitter to stay with Mom and the young pups. We do not breed a litter unless we plan to keep a puppy, so you are getting the same gene pool that we are getting our pups from.

Additionally, our whelping box is in our living room, so we spend a significant amount of time watching the puppies, their personalities etc. Each pup gets a significant amount of 1-1 attention in order to nurture them and acclimate them to humans. Puppies not receiving this type of attention bond with other dogs, not with humans. We sleep in the living room for at least 3 weeks to give Mom a sense of security and to make sure all is well with the pups.

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